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Technology is dynamic and fast paced, so when it comes to security and business intelligence, you must be at least 10 steps ahead of the game.  Drones (UAV/UAS’s) provide a tactical advantage to many businesses, offering versatility and ability to cover tough terrain.  So, what if criminals and hackers get their hands on one?

P360 Drone Ops was born due to the lack of safety following the market boom of UAV/UAS’s (or unmanned aircraft) or commonly called drones for civilian use.

We keep your air space safe, free of drones, we have the best technology to cover your airspace security needs.

We implement systems for Detection, Identification and Neutralization of drones (UAV/UAS).

We cover ALL of the UK and Europe, offering the distribution, installation and commercialization of products related to aviation security.

We also have agreements to offer solutions worldwide, please contact us.

Our expert network of accredited security specialists can provide you with tailored testing and the right information and analysis to ensure your business integrity and information security.


Protecting Against

Corporate Espionage

Paparazzi & Privacy Invasion

Weapon System Delivery

Illegal Substance Delivery

Acts of Terrorism

Explosive Device Delivery

Hacking & Data Theft

Event Copyright Infringements

We serve multiple industry sectors including government and the private sector.  We are specialists in our industry with a proven track record in protection and penetration testing.  Our services can aid you and your business in the prevention of costly crime and data compliance, including the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 actioned on 23/05/2018.


Government & Military

Investment into drone technology from military and government organisations has been widely publicised and with the commercial industry now following suit, drones have become easily accessible to terrorist and criminal organisations. So how do we combat unethical drone use?

P360 Drone Ops Solution

Using advanced detection systems, we can provide real time information and alerts of active drones in your airspace.

We can integrate our systems with already existing countermeasures and defence systems, providing automated action on detection to any static or portable installations.

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Correctional Facilities & Prisons

An emerging exploitation of the prison system is the use of drones to deliver illicit items over prison fences.

By simply flying over the facility, drones can manoeuvre around sophisticated deterrents with ease.

P360 Drone Ops Solution

We can integrate with existing physical security systems and trigger alerts to staff when a drone is close to your facility.

Deploying countermeasures on detection, we can prevent delivery and stop snooping around your grounds.  We can also capture and provide forensic evidence to aid in the arrest of those attempting to use drones in smuggling operations and video surveillance installations.

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Energy and Utilities

Water, Oil, Gas and Electricity all must have a robust security infrastructure. The airspace around your facility can be a useful tool or a security risk.
The ability to survey the surrounding area for a future development and the ability to move difficult payloads make drones an attractive investment for the energy sector, but they can be a costly issue if a rogue drone is on site. Network disruption, snooping and theft are just some of the issues that could arise from a rogue drone, incidents can cost jobs and production that could very well run into the millions.

P360 Drone Ops Solution

We can protect critical infrastructure by deploying our protection systems.   Detecting unauthorised drones even before they take off.  We can integrate into existing security, monitoring systems and internal drone programs, providing you with critical protection. We can provide forensic evidence of drone attacks and assist with the prevention of repeat attacks


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Data Centres

Drones are quiet, quick and can carry heavy payloads. Network disruption, network sniffing and the interception of data are just some of the damaging effects that drones can bring to a data centre.

Disrupt them before they disrupt you.

P360 Drone Ops Solution

Integrate drone detection into your security systems and prevent corporate espionarge and hacker attacks. With our 360 robust protection plan protect your data centre against all drone threats.

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Laws around unmanned aircraft and airports are changing in the UK. From 30th July 2018 it will be illegal to fly any drone within 1km of any UK airport. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this will be a deterrent to stop unauthorised drones in your airspace. New hobbyists with little knowledge may still accidently fly into your airspace or worse, into the path of a landing aircraft.

P360 Drone Ops Solution

Our airport solutions are compatible with radar and other installations. We can integrate with already existing security and monitoring systems and provide forensic evidence to law enforcement should an unauthorised drone be detected, protecting your airspace and staff.

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Stadiums, Arenas and Events

Copyright infringements and security risks are a major concern to any live event. However, when the threat takes to the sky’s it can be a situation that is difficult to tackle.

P360 Drone Ops Solution

We can ensure the protection of attendees, staff, athletes and infrastructure from rogue drones and disruption to major events.

Our detection systems can notify staff before drones take off, providing early warnings in order to intercept rouge drones.

Our systems will integrate with current security systems and procedures and can be deployed to portable and semi-portable configurations.

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VIP & Private Property

Finding an intruder in your home can be a highly distressing situation. To find a drone flying in, above or around your home can be intrusive and put your privacy at risk. Paparazzi are inventing new ways to get their media, this includes the use of drones.

This isn’t exclusive to paparazzi, this could also include hobbyists who have disregarded your privacy or more sinister tactics of would be attackers. Surveillance is always a preliminary phase with the dedicated attack cycle.

P360 Drone Ops Solution

We can integrate with existing security systems and protocol and alert you to drones over your home or any other owned property,

providing you with peace of mind and protected privacy.

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Other Property and Special Circumstances

We aim to work with you and your current configuration and will always consider your circumstances.

We are well  equipped to cover difficult situations such as shipping ports and marinas.

We can also provide close protection and security escorts and can provide protection commercially, privately and within the diplomatic community.


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